The role of customer engagement in mobile commerce

Online shopping offers challenges and opportunities, especially for traditional retailers. Focus in online is on mobile experience across platforms and devices, for which mobile solutions need to be created to make the strategy work. Know your Customer (KYC) and Know your Product (KYP), alignment with customers, are focal in this approach. Depending on the situation, the roadmap for retailers to align with customers can be long or longer. 


To create alignment with customers, engagement models need to be designed.

Profound knowledge of the customers, the products and their connection is focal.  Persona's, their needs, the customer lifecycle, data-analisys, storytelling and how to align the customer with touchpoints, mean a continuous challenge with a different, flexible focus as a starting point. All this is important because conversion is the core of retail and e-commerce. Customer experience and customer engagement help connect with the customer, and a connection between online and offline needs to be created, by one or multiple platform. Those platforms host solutions that are built to engage the customer at the front end, the store - on site - or on their mobile device or their computer or tablet. This engagement thus is being created with hardware such as screens with narrowcasting and software such as apps.


There are many elements to address in both online and offline, to create the optimum situation leading to conversion. Defining and designing a customer experience is therefore a strategic element in an organisation. On top of that, the platform has several business models and business cases. It is important to be crystal clear regarding processes front end and back end, to have a vision on the connection between customer and retailer leading to conversion. Know your customer and Know your product are key elements.

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