What will the future of mobile commerce be?

It is said that by the year 2021 mobile ecommerce sales would be about 54% of total ecommerce sales. In 2017 it was already seen that sales rose 34.5% and the number continues to grow. According to eMarketer, global ecommerce sales re expected to reach $4.058 trillion by 2020 which is 15% of total retail sales.
The 15% of retail sales will belong to m-commerce. As this trend continues online retailers and estimate that 50% of the future traffic will come from mobile devices, which means a higher conversion rate and ROI.
Although the future of m-commerce is mainly successful in future profits, there will also be a big difference in the payment process.  One-click purchasing will be the leading mobile wallet player such as Google and Apple. Amazon has already done this, and it has proven to be successful with its click minus re-entering information.
One- click purchasing allows for fewer barriers between shoppers and products, which allows for fewer opportunities to drop out of transaction or change their minds.  This also has great influence on how successful next day delivery will be. This means that once the customer clicks confirm they will instantly know which their product is on its way.
Same day delivery is also an aspect consumer expect to have implemented in the near future. This shopping experience is more relevant to their daily lives. This means that A.I and data analysis will be a big part of m-commerce in order to provide what the people want.
Alongside same day delivery, online payments well have to be adapted to the one click purchasing and become more secure. Authentication, biometric methods, two step authentications or passing the responsibility to third parties such as PayPal will help with the security matter.
In conclusion, with m-commerce it is important that the experience is fat, relevant and secure in order to be successful in the online retail business.

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