Expert's Eye : The future of m-commerce

This month The Ecommerce Foundation sat down with Managing director of Ice House Netherlands, Yvette de Koste to discuss the future of M- commerce.

1.    What is the difference between m- commerce and Ecommerce seeing that both these platforms allow consumers to buy online?


​Mobile commerce evolves around the mobile phone and mobile apps, and ecommerce is anything to do with online retail but also online to offline retail and offline to online retail. Then we look at digital mirrors, screens, electronic shelf labels, dynamic pricing, artificial intelligence, data management, augmented reality, QR codes, barcodes, virtual reality, 3D scanners for shoes, etc. However, all solutions work with the mobile phone. The trend is mobile first.


2.    With m-commerce slowly taking over in almost every business sector, what methods do you think companies should adapt to receive effective results from the implementation of m-commerce?


Businesses should think about how to create a vision and how they see the change, regarding business model and organization development and the impact on both staff and customers. Ideally, having a holistic vision would be the best method to produce effective results. This allows for businesses to address different elements that affect the m-commerce world such as the consumers, manufacturers and businesses and finding a common ground for these stakeholders to align.

3.    On a scale from 1 to 10, how advanced do you think the Netherlands is in the M-commerce world and why?


​That depends on the context. We all have a mobile which we use to gain easy access to web shops and market places, alongside good internet connection. However, looking at the trend towards mobile first, I think there are continuous opportunities with mobile apps, following fast changing technologies and innovations. 


4.    M-commerce has been portrayed to make the consumers’ life easier when shopping online. What are the main challenges that businesses face with this new industry?

One of the main challenges in the m-commerce industry is for businesses to stay up to date with the technological change. The new industry relies on continuous change.  It is up to businesses to decide whether or not they want to pursue the new invention or leave it.

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