Why are marketplaces great?

Online marketplaces provides an added value to buyers and to suppliers.


Buyers related benefits:

It offers buyers tools to quickly compare and select better offerings

  • Without the need to research multiple websites
  • Without the need to surf online for price comparisons or product specifications.
  • Additionally, marketplaces bring more transparency, trust, and standardization.


Suppliers related benefits:

Suppliers benefit in that they can get a more targeted audience streamlined directly to their product or service pages. * a well-represented company profile with a specifications-rich catalog can be a powerful lead magnet for potential customers.


Marketplaces additional services:

Both buyers and suppliers benefit from marketplace specific services, such as bidding, quoting, invoicing, consulting, basic customer support etc.


Marketplaces basic services:

Catalog search capabilities,

  • Options to quote and place orders online,
  • Payment options to finalize a purchase.
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