‘Must have’ content for any successful B2B web store

As well as being an important sales channel, a B2B web store functions as a valuable information source where customers can access documentation about your products and business. Most B2B buyers1 (89%) use the Internet to research products, and frequently require additional product information before they progress to the ordering phase. This isn’t surprising, as they need to purchase exactly the right products, especially when it comes to highly technical products such as construction materials.


Besides making technical product information available to B2B buyers, wholesalers and manufacturers can also use product brochures to underline their differentiation with competing products.


A B2B web store is also a valuable information source for internal employees. sales reps and other teams can look up product information, customers buying history and transactions, etc.


The following are considered ‘must have’ content for any successful B2B web store according to the B2B Web Usability Report:

  • Online pricing information
  • Technical information
  • White papers and blog posts
  • Shipping information

B2B web stores can provide detailed product information in multiple formats such as high quality brochures, visual images, videos, and interactive technical manuals. Products can be presented using a gallery of high quality product images with zoom capabilities. In addition, the site can display related products and suggest alternative products when a certain product is out of stock.

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