Why specific B2B ecommerce?

In today’s fast-paced world, business-to-business (B2B) buyers are short on time and expect even better service when buying online than your average consumer. A personal touch makes a big difference in B2B ecommerce, for example, a customized buying experience that provides relevant product and pricing information not only saves the business buyer time, it creates a positive impression of your company.


According to the B2B Web Usability Report 2014, 70% of B2B buyers rank overall website features as extremely important. However, their main priority is a website that is easy to navigate rather than one with lots of bells and whistles. “Buyers, who are busy and efficient, follow certain behaviors when they arrive at a vendor website. They head directly to the products and services pages; they thoroughly dislike website elements that waste their time or distract them” states the report.


It’s much easier to sell online when a B2B web store is easy to use, attractive and simple, yet still provides all the necessary product information and search functionality. While wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers can re-use elements of attractive consumer ecommerce sites, it’s even more important that business buyers can find items and prices as efficiently as possible

Essentially, an effective B2B web store should act as a one-stop shop and information source for B2B buyers and provide a good first impression of your company. Clients want to have a choice to do practically everything they need online via a web store, whereas in the past they would have called a sales agent.

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