How to enable easy navigation?

Users need to be able to find what they are looking for quickly and with minimum effort. Studies show that most website users are not willing to stick around and figure out a complex navigational scheme. If your menu structure isn’t user-friendly, you’ll lose the user. This is particularly true for B2B buyers, who want a fast and efficient online buying process.


A challenge is that B2B product catalogs tend to be large, varied and complex, with unique product assortments and pricing for each customer, and technical product information. It is therefore really important to enable easy navigation through your web store so that customers can quickly and efficiently look up products by using faceted search, guided navigation or quick search. These navigation guidelines will make your B2B web store easier to navigate and although some may seem obvious, it is surprising how often companies fall short on implementing them.


Menu Bars are the primary way people navigate through web stores. The categories should be logical and their purpose obvious. limit the number of menu- and sub menu bars to enable a clear overview. Keywords used in the menu- and sub menu bars should be relevant,logical, and also search engine optimization (seo) ready. For example, check how often a particular term is being searched for in google and whether it will perform better in search if you change the name of the category slightly.


Search Boxes should be visible on every page in the upper right side of the menu or in the right upper corner of the web store.


Auto complete search should be enabled so that when a customer starts typing, the search box automatically retrieves the results using a fast index based search engine.


Sort and Filter capability is useful so that customers can sort products based on categories and attributes such as brand, size, material, color or type to enable an effortless search process.


Adjustable product views provide a user with a choice between detailed product lists or informative grid views with images.


Optimal catalog classification means that you may need to adjust your eRP or administration system’s classification of product groups, so that product category descriptions are more user-friendly and easier to navigate.

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