How to design your B2B web store?

When designing a web store it is important to keep the design and functionality as light, clean and simple as possible. The focus should be on helping B2B buyers to navigate through content and not bother them with unnecessary features. The following features and functionality will ensure your customers have a positive B2B web store experience:


Ensure your web store is fast. Nothing is more annoying for customers than a web store that takes a long time to load. Slow speed is one of the main rea sons why visitors leave a web store and can also lower your search engine ranking. Making sure your web store loads within one to two seconds is important for a good user experience. When considering elements such as full screen video, first think about the impact on your loading time.


Make bulk purchasing easy and fast by providing a multi-add to cart feature and enabling bulk ordering. Create a responsive website that automatically adapts screen sizes and capabilities to the device a customer is using e.g. laptops, smartphones or tablets.


Offer suitable B2B payment methods such as invoice billing, credit cards and ACH payment processing.


Ensure a consistent corporate identity throughout the web store so there is uniformity between all the pages. That means keeping the corporate identity layout uniform throughout your tabs, buttons, commands, imagery, and menus. Usage of design templates will ensure consistency in your web store.


The readability of the website is largely dependent on contrast, color, font and the use of formatting features. The right contrast between the background of the website and content is one of the most basic yet most important web design principles. With regard to the color scheme used, customers generally prefer to visit light and bright web pages. People process information best in black and white as our brains are designed for simplicity and efficiency. Similarly, a simpler font will increase the readability of the web page. Most design experts agree that san-serif fonts work best for online design. Formatting can also greatly improve the design of your web store. Avoid long chunks of text and instead use headlines, bulleted lists and bolding to increase readability.

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