Why do you need a centralized information provision?

A centralized information provision seems crucial nowadays for efficient product catalog management. Before the internet, B2B customers called the sales department of a B2B wholesaler to ask for information about a certain product. The sales agent would look up the product in a hard copy product catalogue, which was distributed by the supplier, yearly. Nowadays, B2B ecommerce has completely changed the sales agent’s role. Exchanging data online has substantially improved the flow of information. A web store has become the future of customer service: customers can now do online what they would have previously called the sales department for.


So, information provision is a crucial element in B2B ecommerce. However, the fact that it is centralized might even be more important. Centralized information provision entails that specific (pieces of) product information are stored in just one place. This way, data redundancy can be avoided and the path is clear for efficient product data management. In this paper, we will not only explain what is needed for successful information provision, but also how to create one single source of truth.

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