What are the benefits of a centralized information provision?

Centralizing the information provision of your B2B web store can lead to some good efficiency gains.


1. Increased efficiency

Efficiency is increased due to the ‘self-service’ created online. Instead of calling your sales agents for information, your customers are now enabled to find all information concerning products, specifications, installation and related products online. This significantly decreases the time consumed by sales agents.


2. Avoiding potential errors

On top of this, efficiency is increased as the web store significantly reduces the number of human errors. When the information provision is solid and all-encompassing, customers can only order the right products and place these the orders themselves online in an instant. As a result, fewer ordering errors are made.


3. Increased overall revenue

Overall revenue can be increased by benefitting from cross- and upsell opportunities. As previously mentioned, a centralized information provision enables you to show your customers supplementing products which can be sold in addition to the selected product (cross-selling), or showing a higher-end version of the product the customer originally came to buy (up-selling).


4. Increased customer loyalty

Another advantage is that when customers are well-informed, they are much more likely to return because they are aware of the informational benefits derived from shopping at your web store. Possibly even more important this, they can better inform their customers. This is due to the fact that they can search for information as and when they need to, 24/7.


5. Easy-to-find web store

Lastly, superior and more relevant content on your web store will improve SEO results and will make your web store easier to find online.


A centralized information system does not only deliver these four benefits; in some ways it is a minimum requirement as well. For example, the search box, faceted search and sort- and filtering options, works much better when product enrichment and product classification. are conducted appropriately. The more relevant content is available, the better these systems can classify and, consequently, allow for product search. Which is, in turn, only the case when a centralized information system is in place.

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