What are the advantages of EDI and B2B ecommerce combined?

Why you still need B2B ecommerce when you already have EDI?


B2B companies in this day and age are repeatedly encouraged to invest in B2B ecommerce. However, is a B2B web store really necessary when Electronic Data Interchange(EDI) is already in place? Considering the fact that both systems process orders digitally, what exactly is the difference between them? Moreover, where will the additional value be derived when combining them?


It’s important to understand that both EDI and B2B ecommerce have their own distinctive features. While B2B companies often keep EDI as a system for their customers to place product orders, EDI does not deliver the expected ecommerce transaction experience . What’s more, even if the majority of your customers have set up EDI, the orders of customers who haven’t will still require a significant amount of your resources.

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