What is email marketing?

Email marketing is simply the use of electronic mail for marketing purposes, just like you might use regular mail in this regard.


Typically, email marketing is taken to mean "permission-based email marketing" where customers and potential customers give a business permission to send them emails with promotional content. It is different from "cold emailing", where email is legally sent unsolicited to potential customers, and "spam" where unsolicited email is illegally sent. Spam is a perceived unwanted email.


In most countries laws regulate the possibilities and restrictions to send emails. Every subscriber should give verifiable permission and click to be on the opt-in list. In Europe we see big differences per country. In some you need to have a double opt-in, while in others (France) the legislation is very loose. Make sure you meet all the legal requirements, including the click for opt-in and the opportunity to unsubscribe just as easily. Your Terms of Use should be very clear about the fact that subscribers have to confirm and agree to receive emails themselves. Permission is key.

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