A crash course in Global Ecommerce: SME edition - Part 3

Mobile devices are everywhere… so what does this mean for ecommerce?


Although consumers cite ‘trust’ as a barrier to purchasing more via mobile devices, over 22% of global consumers shop weekly via mobile devices. When it comes to howconsumers are purchasing via mobile device, we can see that the majority use a retailer’s website or app. Why are consumers purchasing via mobile device? The leading reasons globally surround convenience and time-saving.  


According to Jeff Barnett, CEO of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, mobile visits now account for more than 50% of total traffic to most ecommerce sites. Additionally, 86% of the time we spend on our mobile devices is in apps like social media and messaging, indicating that consumers are more easily reached via social media apps as opposed to webshops alone. That said, over 40% of consumers first purchased via mobile device (smartphone/tablet) within the last year, so SMEs should strongly consider allocating more resources towards the development of mobile-friendly webshops and apps. You may be wondering what the positive of increased mobile purchasing is for SMEs, and there is at least one -- the vast majority of consumers who have purchased via mobile devices are satisfied with their purchases, which means they are likely to become repeat mobile purchasers. This actually bodes well for SMEs allocating additional resources to mobile apps and webshops, as a successful mobile purchase means consumers will come back to your webshop in the future.


So, why is this important for SMEs? According to a report published by Marketo, it is very important to mobile users that a business have a mobile-friendly website, as 57% of consumers think poorly of a business if their website is not mobile-friendly. Although the shift in consumers purchasing via mobile devices is largely lead by Millennials, the overall landscape for e-commerce is becoming more mobile by the day.


Understanding your consumers is of utmost importance in this newly digitalized society, and although every region and generation will vary, we can see clearly that mobile purchasing is on the rise. Knowing how to reach your consumers via mobile devices will put you ahead of the game, and the Global Ecommerce Report will help you understand what consumers are doing, as well as what they want via mobile devices.

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