Why should you consider ecommerce as a go to market approach?

There are different reasons and circumstances where you can consider an Ecommerce strategy:


1. Your customers are online! Follow them


The most important reason to start with an Ecommerce approach is when your targeted customer group is also online. Within the customer journey, customers also use online channels during their different touch points with your company. Also consider Mobile and Social commerce in your strategic Ecommerce approach.


2. Sales growth


When your company is active in the traditional bricks and is confronted with decreases or stabilization in sales you should consider an Ecommerce strategy. You can reach more and new customer groups both locally as internationally against lower acquisition and marketing costs. Therefore you can stabilize or realize growth again.


3. When there is fierce competition


When the competition is fierce and actively present online, you also should consider to focus on a active Ecommerce strategy. With an Ecommerce strategy it is easier to reach and service other international customers. For example using online market places like Alibaba, Amazon or E-bay can give you access to whole new markets. And you can leave the competition behind in your own local area.


4. Create extra value to your customers


Another reason for starting with Ecommerce is that it is more easy to add online value to the products or service you are offering. Thanks to of the availability of (new) technologies you can add features, convenience and service to the product, which can benefit your customer.

Other benefits to the customers is that your online business is always available, it is able to be transparent about the availability of stock and alternative products and you can ship to almost every customer in the world.


For example, offering Apps to the physical products, like SONOS or Nest, can create more convenience, experience and insights for the customers. Using these, gives the customer more flexibility. And last but not least: they will be more satisfied and loyal to your business.

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