How to perform an internal analysis?

Part of setting up an Ecommerce strategy is the internal analysis. This internal analysis is part of the SWOT-analysis, where you can formulate the essential strategic opportunities and issues for your Ecommerce strategy.


You have to look at your strengths and weaknesses in your whole organization and not only that part of your organization that will perform the ecommerce strategy. Your ecommerce strategy can affect all departments and layers of your organization, therefore you have to execute an integrated analysis. Then you will know where to improve your organization before implementing the ecommerce strategy. Before you analyze your organization you need to know the conditions for your ecommerce strategy, so you know which parts are essential for a successful implementation.


What models can be used


Traditionally the 7S-model of McKinsey could be used in finding those strengths and weaknesses. The Business Canvas Model of Alex Osterwalder is an even more useful method to analyze this. The 9 building blocks for your business, including the Customer audiences and value proposition will give you a detailed overview of how your organization is build up and how the different blocks are linked to each other. Then you have to look at the status of your (desired) strategic objectives and then look at the building blocks which affect those objectives negatively. Those building blocks, or parts, should be improved.

Finally the Lean Six Sigma approach can also be used in analyzing your current organization. It is used for better performance and results in your primary processes with less defects and time lags. The Voice of the Customer (VOC) as a primary dimension and the different business processes will be helpful in analyzing the strengths/weaknesses and formulating the essential improvements.

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