What is an API and what does it have to do with ecommerce software?

API stands for application programming interface. It is a way to allow systems to exchange information with each other. In this case, API makes sure that other programs can be linked to the ecommerce software.


An API can be an important feature in ecommerce software, because it will allow the online merchant to use a lot of external party tools.


The more comprehensive store systems include an API. With an API, for example, a bookkeeping program can read order information from the store. Or a logistics program can see which orders need to be shipped.


An API exchanges information in various ways. The three most common ways are:

  • GET: are only read via API
  • POST: information is added via the API
  • PUT: information is processed via the API

Consequently, many programs can be linked to an online store system via an API. This can extend the system’s options tremendously.

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