What is ecommerce software?

Ecommerce software is a system that makes it possible for you to sell products online via your own website. Usually ecommerce software includes all the important features you need to get started, such as product listing, client and order management, setting up payment methods, design, etc.


In addition to using ecommerce software, you can also consider offering your products on a shopping portal, like eBay or Etsy. With these portals, you can get started quickly and you do not need a lot of knowledge. These sites are usually already well known and are already getting a lot of traffic. The disadvantages are that you have to share the platform (and therefore the visitors as well) with thousands or even tens of thousands of other merchants.


Because we focus on readers who are interested in starting a store online,or want to learn more about this, we will not address the subject of these shopping portals any further. Of course you can always research the topic for yourself to see if this might be a viable option for you.

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