How are hosting, domain name and email related to an ecommerce website?

How domain names, hosting, and email relate to e-commerce software is sometimes confusing to new web merchants.


An e-commerce website has to be hosted in order to be accessible to the public. This usually happens on the hosting party’s web servers. If you use open source software or a custom solution, you may have to find a suitable hosting party yourself for your online store. If you use a SaaS provider, the hosting is always included with the e-commerce software. You can read more about hosting in the chapter on webshop hosting.


Domain name and email account


In most cases, a hosting account usually includes an email account. Hosting accounts also come with the option to include a domain name. Your domain name can be incorporated into both the name of your online store and your email account.


For example, your online store may be reached at and your general email address may be


Once you have selected a hosting party, signed up and picked a domain name, you can change your settings on the hosting party’s admin panel.


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