Why do I need a responsive website?

In the previous section we discussed the importance of mobile ecommerce as an growing trend with a large impact.


The projections on mobile consumer behavior are not consistent due to the fact that different researchers are using different sources, but most calculations show that in five years on a global scale, half of all online shopping will take place on a mobile device.


This is the main reason your website should be “mobile ready.” Customers who use a smartphone to visit an online store quickly leave if the site does not work well with their device.


Secondly, sites that are compatible with mobile search engines, such as Google, have an advantage when someone performs a search on a mobile device. This is very important, because mobile searching is also a huge trend.

When is a website compatible for mobile devices?


It is of the utmost importance for online merchants to have a website that is compatible with mobile devices. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Responsive website: The site looks very similar in its desktop and mobile form, but it scales everything to adjust to the size of the screen. In this way content can be optimally displayed on every device.
  2. Mobile website: There is a separate website for mobile devices. Content is specifically adjusted for mobile viewing.

Both solutions will work well for presenting your products to mobile users. A mobile website has the advantage that it can adjust the content even more specifically to mobile users, resulting in higher spendings. The disadvantage is that administering this content also entails extra work.

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