Key considerations when selecting an ecommerce platform solution

Faced with providers who are more difficult to differentiate in terms of skills and for successful selection, it is very important to analyze what is available to you. Several criteria will be there to accompany you in your approach.


The price


The price should not be considered as a cost but truly as an investment. So do not rely on low prices, it will probably not be a guarantee of quality. Do some benchmarking and analysis of the current offer and get an idea of ​​the price of the service by comparing multiple providers. And do not forget to negotiate the price when you have selected one of them.


The terms of payment


Payment terms are also very important and must be taken into consideration. Can you agree on a price in one go? Or in several times? At what moment of the project? Will there be additional fees? Ask yourself the right questions to choose the e-commerce provider that is best suited to your needs. The provider must be fully transparent and give you all the necessary information. It must imperatively adapt to you and not the other way around.


The delay


In your specifications, you have necessarily established a deadline and made a provisional schedule. The service provider must be able to perform his various tasks for the period you have set. Time differences can and must be considered to cope with unforeseen circumstances.


The company's image


The image of the company is an essential factor in choosing a provider. What are his references? What does his website look like? What is his reputation? Does it share the same values ​​as my company? You necessarily ask all these questions since all these elements reflect the company with which you will probably work in the long term.


The solutions


The solutions must be studied in depth and from every angle to determine whether or not they are adapted to your needs.


The references


To evaluate a provider, what better than to know its customer references? Do not hesitate to take a look at the projects already done. You can even afford to contact customers to learn a little more and get an idea of ​​the quality of services offered.


Geographic proximity


Ideally, your provider should be in your shipment area. If a long-distance relationship can be good, without the distance it is better. Being able to meet regularly allows you to establish a real relationship of trust with a much more personalized follow-up. Something really important in case an issue occurs.


Qualification and expertise


It is also important to check the skills of the provider since we know that the digital world is in perpetual motion and always requires new skills. Without forgetting to check if the provider actually has the necessary human means but especially the technical means to answer your needs. In addition, this expertise will strengthen the credibility of the provider and allow you to establish a strong relationship based on trust.

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