What is the impact of Artificial Intelligence on platforms?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the main focus at the moment, and researchers are constantly making progress working on this technology. When it comes to Ecommerce Platforms, AI is one of the key players that actually makes the personalized and unique customer journey possible, and it even pushes its current limits that we know, as it is an ever-evolving technology. With Artificial Intelligence, the more data, the better is the AI, as it will collect data on the users so it can recommend them targeted offers and products that the customer is likely to be interested in.


Product recommendation


Product recommendation is just the beginning of what retailers and wholesale distributors are able to do for now with personalization, thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Actually, as 70% of customers expect some kind of personalization when visiting a website, any website shouldn’t offer the same homepage to every customer, but should already offer from the first page visited a personalized view.


When it comes to personalized offers thanks to Artificial Intelligence, we can talk about two types of personalization. On one hand, we have the explicit personalization which is already well spread among retailers, and corresponds to products suggestions under messages similar to ‘you might also like…’.


And we also have the implicit personalization, in which case the customer is not aware of what’s being personalized for him. It can be done on any type of content, such as messages, promotions, banners, and it is based on the data that is already gathered on the customer.


Using corresponding landing pages


It is also possible to use relevant landing pages depending on how the customer got to your website (search, ad, pay-per-click…) and then to show targeted landing pages with personalized product recommendations.


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