What is individualized content?

What is individualized content?



This article will briefly describe what individualized content is, why should one create it for one’s website and how can one design it in order to keep users on one’s page.


What is individualised/user-specific content?

In order to provide users with a more personalised user experience without the need of spending too much money or time creating a different version of your website, different pages or systems, individualised content seems to be the most feasible solution. In its essence, individualised content is designed for costumers based on their interests and online behaviour. For instance, a suitable method for doing this would be designing a multilingual website which can detect where a user is located, in order to serve content in their native language automatically. Also, another example may consist of creating a service similar to Thrive Leads from Thrive Themes in order to hide email opt-in forms for existing subscribers.

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What benefits does individualized content bring?

As the online world develops way more rapidly than we’re imagining, more and more niches are becoming over-saturated. In other words, competition between websites is significantly rising, especially with regards to attracting users to your website and captivating their interest. Moreover, in order to stand out of the crowd and to maintain/improve your image on the “online”, you need to think outside of the box. For example, to succeed in keeping users attracted to what you are offering, you need to start thinking about what your audience is genuinely interested in. Also, you always need to be one step ahead of your competition. As such, one of the best ways to provide your users with a more personalised experience is by creating individualised content on your website.

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How can you make it more appealing?

One of the best ways to do that is by using widgets. However, you need to bear in mind that using the same sets of widgets on each page will not help you in serving individualised content. As such, widgets need to be well dispersed and organised on your page in order to help you reach your objective. To be able to successfully display different widgets on your website, you need to get familiar with widget logic. According to Brenda Barron from WP Superstars “Widget logic is a powerful plugin that allows you to control which pages specific widgets appear on. It has basic settings anyone can tweak, but it also comes with more advanced settings code developers can use too”. The widget logic consists of several tools you can use for your website, such as: custom sidebars, display widgets, simple page side bars, fit my sidebar and divi. 

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Moreover, another way to provide your users with the personalised experience they want is through email marketing, member-specific content provision, optimisation of your site with A/B testing and user feedback, building a mobile-friendly design and geo-targeting. For more information, access the following link: https://bit.ly/2E8GrRp












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Individualised content can be a win-win both for you the users

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