What is experience-driven commerce?

Experience-driven commerce aims at providing customers with a constantly personalized and immersive experience from an omnichannel approach. This new customer journey combines content and context across several channels which finally leads to commerce.

Indeed, experience-driven commerce is nothing but a fusion between content, analytics, data and digital marketing. Emotion plays a big part in experience-driven commerce, indeed it is connecting the brand and the customer via a digital environment. The purpose of it is not to create a mass campaign targeting at a lot of people at the same time, it is more about using the data that you already have about your customers in a smart way, and create individual and also unique experiences.

Let’s take a concrete example:

A shopper goes to a retail store. The shopper browses through the shop and gets around a digital screen hanging on the wall. As the shopper gets closer to this screen which was showing a pair of sneakers, the image on the screen changes and it shows now a jacket that the customer added to his wish list the day before. The customer then gets to live a personalized in-store experience without even knowing.

In the retail industry, experience-driven commerce is increasing conversion in a significant manner and at the same time, it is providing an entertaining shopping environment for the customer.

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