What are the main ecommerce platforms?

There are many ecommerce platforms on the market, offering each different types of services with more or less features, such as a higher personalization degree, a different payment system etc. Before choosing which platform you are going to use for your online webshop, you should take a close look at a benchmark study to compare which one would fit best to your business. You can already find information about the main ecommerce platforms on this article. This list is not exhaustive. For more information on hosting for ecommerce platforms, please follow this link.


BigCommerce was launched in 2009 using the Shopping Cart Interspire as core. The ‘Company’ version was launched in 2015.

Hosted : Yes


It is the fourth most used ecommerce platform over the Internet and seems less popular than other platforms in Google queries.


Standard configurations start at $29,95 per month for an amount of $50 000 of online sales per year, and $79,95 per year for an amount of $125,000 of online sales per year.

It also exists a professional offer which goes up until 1 million dollar of online sales per year for less than $200 per month. Nevertheless, special prices can be negotiated according to the volume of your online sales.


Like most of cloud solutions, Bigcommerce offers limited personalization capabilities. Stores owners have full control over templates and styles, however, in order to extend and change the functionalities it is necessary to be one of Bigcommerce’s “technological partner”, even for personal customisable content that will be used only on your installation.


Episerver CMS provides powerful web content management capabilities, including an intuitive user interface, multi-publishing and approval features, as well as a flexible API for customizations. This solution combines digital content, commerce and marketing with powerful artificial intelligence. The Episerver CMS enables you to personalize your customers journeys regarding the search, the recommendations as well as the products shown to every visitor, while capturing behavioural data.

Hosted: yes



Episerver provides an intelligent suite of personalization products based on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistical analysis. Episerver lets marketers and merchandisers present individualized content and product selections in multiple channels, using an advanced set of personalization tools available from one user interface.


The first beta version of Magento was launched in 2007. It all began with OScommerce, which had the purpose to build a more flexible, extensible and more successful ecommerce platform. In 2011, Magento was repurchased by eBay, and, in 2015 Magento 2 the new version of the platform was launched.

Hosted : No


As of today, Magento is the most popular ecommerce platform (according to Google queries) and the most installed among the first 100 000 Internet websites. Prices: from $0 to $18 000 a year. The ‘Community’ version is free, but the ‘Company’ version costs around $18 000 a year, it includes a professional support as well as a series of exclusive functionalities which are not available in the Community version.


Magento was developed with the aim of being highly extensible. This combined with its open-source nature, not hosted, makes it an endless customisable platform.


Prestashop is one of the famous PHP written ecommerce platform. It is very fast and so perfect for launching a small or medium webshop. Prestashop is also known for its ease of use as well as its clear structure, which makes it usable for anyone because it does not require any programming skills.


Prestashop is free.


As it is a free platform, Prestashop only has a few personalization options and features. This is why, if you want to create a big and somehow unique webshop, this may not be your recommended choice. However, Prestashop provides you with the basic theme, or you can create your own. It also exist a lot of templates and add-ons ready to use.


Shopify was launched in 2006, its API (Application Programming Interface, which allows the creation of applications) and Appstore arrived in 2009. In 2015, Amazon shut down its Webstore service to replace it with Shopify.

Hosted : Yes


Shopify is the third most used ecommerce platform among the first 100 000 sites on the Internet. Moreover, Google Trends is showing a high growth of the search queries around this solution since its release, to such an extent that Shopify is now outreaching Magento as the ecommerce platform the most searched for in Google.


Offers start at $9 and go until $179 per month, with a lot of additional functionalities for the most expensive subscriptions. It also has to be noted that the $9 service only includes a ‘buy’ button without catalogue, as well as a system for physical stores and also enables to sell via Facebook.

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