How to implement an ecommerce platform?

Once the provider selected, the budget validated, it is time to move to the design phase. This phase must be broken down into different stages and the service provider must provide you with a retro-planning detailing each project stage with several major milestones. All the information you will need to provide must be specified and related to these project steps. Each milestone must be the subject of a joint validation phase (on your part and on the part of the service provider).


In concrete terms, here are the main steps of an ecommerce project:


  • Launch meeting: We define the final schedule and the tasks of each one.


  • Design of the graphic charter: Is the subject of a close relationship between the artistic director who realizes the charter and the client who validates the graphic elements. This phase can be divided into several stages (zoning, modeling, etc.). This will be the subject of a future article.


  • Graphical integration: Cutting of the charter and integration on the selected ecommerce platform.


  • Settings: The solution is set. Each standard feature is set to match the specific business process.


  • Specific developments: We add to the basic functionalities a set of complementary features to perfectly fit the needs of the customer.


  • Integration of data: We recover the history if there was already a platform before. We also add the editorial content ...


  • Delivery: Once the provider is finished, performs tests on the application and delivers it to the client.


We then enter the recipe phase where the customer has a defined amount of time to do a maximum of tests and validate that the solution corresponds to what was asked. The recipe validated definitively without reserve triggers the production phase


Once put into production, we usually enter a transitional phase of "guarantee" of a few weeks or months.


At the end of this phase the customer can continue to request the assistance of the provider by the subscription of a maintenance contract which allows him to have resources to develop his project.

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