How to choose the right ecommerce platform for your business?

As you already know, choosing the right ecommerce or catalog solution can be complicated. Many services are competing against each other on that market, and you have to take in count the particularities of each one of them. Each platform has its load of features that may be nice to have, and some have the exclusivity over these features for some of them.


The main criteria that you should consider while choosing an ecommerce platform solution are :


- The size and the activity of the community around the solution

The bigger the community around a platform is, the better it is for you if you use it. Indeed, the community around a platform can help you if you are facing difficulties with the implementation of your platform, and they are the one creating and developing new features and add-ons.


- The level of experience and stability that enables to build above strong foundations

Has the platform you chose already been successful? Or is it a newcomer to the market?

Of course, besides the choice of the platform, you should be accompanied by a supportive and skilled team, on both development integration and global marketing strategy parts.


- Does the features offered by the platform correspond to what your business requires?

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