Hosted Vs. Non-Hosted Ecommerce Solutions

One of the first decision you will have to make regarding your future online webshop is whether you want a self-hosted or a non-hosted solution. It is a decision that you should think about with care, as it will have an important impact on the following operations.


Hosted Ecommerce Platforms


A hosted ecommerce platform provides you – in exchange for a monthly subscription – with all the elements that you will need to settle your online webshop.

Such as:

  • Security certificate
  • Payment platform
  • Website with designs to choose from and to personalize
  • Shopping basket functionality
  • Hosting
  • Support



  • With a hosted ecommerce platform, you won’t need to have particular knowledge or skills in programming or IT in general.
  • Your only preoccupation will be the volume of your sales and you won’t have to think about understanding the functioning and the management of the platform itself.
  • If you need help, online communities exist around ecommerce platforms, and you can ask them for specific needs that you may have (particular app, add-on…)



From 30 to $200 a month, depending on the functionalities you asked for, as well as the volume and the fees that you will pay on each credit card transaction.


Non-hosted platforms


The main advantage of these platforms is that, once that you downloaded one of them, you can hire a programmer so this person will be able to modify the platform according to your particular needs and desires.


The inconvenient is the complexity and cost to maintain the operations :

  • First, you will need a hosting solution
  • A SSL security certificate
  • A qualified IT person
  • Then, you will have to get a design – that you previously bought or that you had done by a designer integrated in the system
  • Finally, if you encounter difficulties, you will have to solve these problems yourself, or you may have to go for IT assistance.
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