How do I communicate with affiliates?

One of the most overlooked elements in effective affiliate program management is keeping an open line of communication with your entire affiliate base. This article is based on a blog post on


Group Emails ( Newsletters )


One of the most commonly overlooked elements of good affiliate communication is group emails. Most third-party networks, such as Commission Junction, LinkShare, Affiliate Window, ShareASale, and others have robust systems for communicating with affiliates. You'll want to have fairly good coding skills to decipher how to create eye-catching html newsletters to keep your affiliates engaged with the communication. Most networks have an option for a 'text' newsletter as well, so be sure to utilize both options to ensure the highest amount of affiliates are able to receive and view your communications.

Some of the vital elements you should routinely include in your newsletters include: A brief introductory paragraph Program Name, details "Cut and Paste" links for affiliates, already embedded with their affiliate id ( a variety of text and banner links)

News about any upcoming sales or promotions Your clear contact information


Individual Emails and Phone Calls


It is important to do regular, individual, reach out to your converting affiliates, so finding and keeping an updated listing of contact information for each affiliate is vital. Individual reach outs can be sent to connect with affiliates on a more personalized level to congratulate them on sales, point out increases or drops in sales, offer assistance, and fill them in on special coupons, sales and/or promotions. Developing a personal working relationship with all of your performing and under-performing affiliates can go a long way towards effectively managing an affiliate program.

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