Important KPIs in affiliate marketing

Important affiliate program KPIs

In the table below you find the important affiliate marketing KPIs for your benchmark in alphabetical order.

  • costs = commission + network fee

Benchmark your KPIs


Obviously the actual numbers depend on the segment you are operating in. For example, if you are a travel advertiser, your average order value will be higher than if you’re a retailer selling fast fashion. There will be a considerable difference in amount of sales and revenue as well if your core products or services are in the financial sector (valuable products and long life span) or you’re mainly focusing on fast moving consumer goods (easy accessible and short life span). Therefore you should only benchmark your KPIs with your direct competitors, since you cannot generalize one affiliate program to another.

Also, the publisher base that you allow onto the affiliate program has influence on your KPIs. If you’re using incentivized email marketing on a regular basis, the amount of clicks in your program will grow and affect the conversion rate and eCPC. If you work with voucher code partners and send out codes frequently, your average order value will be affected. Unless you consciously control the performance of the voucher code by adding a high minimal order value for consumers using the code.

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