What are the trends in ecommerce?

The ecommerce sector is changing rapidly. Here are some of the trends that are taking place right now:


Global marketplaces


Marketplaces are on the rise and their GMV (stands for: gross merchandise value) is expected to grow even further. Marketplaces like Amazon and Alibaba have huge assortments and continuously enter new markets such as Travel and Food.


The GMV on the platforms equals that of the GDP of Finland and the Philippines.


Mobile Commerce and Ubicomp


A definition of Ubiquitous computing is: Ubiquitous computing (ubicomp) is a concept in software engineering and computer science where computing is made to appear anytime and everywhere. In contrast to desktop computing, ubiquitous computing can occur using any device, in any location, and in any format (Wikipedia definition).

A user interacts with a computer in all kind of forms: through a laptop, mobile device or for example with the help of the Amazon Echo:





We no longer need to own products, we want to use them. The sharing economy, also called ‘collaborative consumption’ is on the rise. We like to share holiday houses, cars, tools, musical instruments and even pets. We do not need to buy if it is possible to share. Peer to peer usage is perceived to be cheaper, more convenient, and environmental friendly (GfK). Examples of companies that cultivate sharing are Peerby, Snapgoods and Airbnb, which has grown exponentially over the last couple of years. These companies mostly provide review systems so trust is built on both sides.


Subscription services


In connection to the sharing economy subscription services like Spotify, Netflix, the Dollar Shave Club, or HelloFresh in the Netherlands become more popular every day.


Pley, 75.000 toy sets hired and counting. Allowing consumers to save 70% on the cost of buying Lego.


Tailor-made products and services


Personalized ecommerce is upcoming. Technologies are available and can be used to really get to know your customer and adjust the offer to it. Social customer care is also related to this personalization trend. People expect excellent service 24/7 and want answers right away. Consumers nowadays are looking for a seamless experience.

Quick delivery
Same-day delivery or even faster (within two hours) is promised to convince the customer. Your pizza order can even be delivered with the help of drones.

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