Through what channels does Influencer Marketing operate?

Through what channels does Influencer Marketing operate?


Do you want to reach a specific and connected consumer target? In this highly digitalized era, there is wide choice of social networks for a wide range of influencer marketing campaigns: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat. So, what are the best networks of influence? Where to contact influencers?

Each social network has its own advantages and disadvantages. The final choice depends on your brand, your target and the product / service you want to promote through digital ambassadors.

Digital product placement is a very powerful communication tool because it allows you to create a need among your potential customers, by exposing them to this product regularly, and in particular on social networks. By correctly identifying your target, you can make an effective product placement reach the maximum number of people interested in your product.


What are the best Influence Marketing channels?


By making product placement with an influencer, you create a bond of trust with your target audience, to which you address precisely according to the social networks that you choose for your campaign.


Product Placement and Instagram Influencers


With 1.6 billion registered users, Instagram is the second most widely used social network in the world and places a premium on the aesthetics of publications. 

Influencers therefore naturally speak of the brands they value in their community via this privileged channel, which largely contributes to establishing proximity with them, without the disadvantages of front-end and intrusive advertising techniques.

Soliciting an opinion leader for product placement on Instagram is wise and fast. Content production for Instagram is faster than writing a blog post or making a video for YouTube, making product placement easier to implement, both for the influencer and for the brand.

Logically, brands are more and more present on Instagram - creation of their own accounts, collaboration with Instagram influencers in various forms etc.


With a commitment up to five times greater than Facebook and features dedicated to Influencer Marketing, this network is a nugget for communication operations.

The tendency is even to be ready for an account: the influencer takes possession of the account of the brand and posts stories during an event.

With IGTV, stories and the creative panoply that is improving day after day, Instagram has become the most undisputed social network.


The advantage: The encouragement to creativity, the ease to promote a product

The disadvantage: The few statistics provided by the application


Product Placement and YouTube Influencers


Do you prefer to get your message in a more interactive and dynamic format?

YouTube influencers can help you promote your product through their production.

While television audiences are declining, the use of media on the internet, especially on YouTube, is constantly increasing. According to Omnicore, every day, more than 5 billion videos are watched, and specialized influencers see their fan base grow at the same rate.

This network is also conducive to the practice of native advertising. This proven strategy is becoming increasingly popular in digital marketing.


The advantage: The attractive format, the use of sensory marketing

The disadvantage: Videos are sometimes not as well referenced as the text


Product Placement and Facebook Influencers


Facebook, with more than 2 billion active users worldwide, is the second most visited website after Google

A Facebook Influencer can therefore prove to be an effective spokesperson, with credibility and an extremely effective influence network to convey your values.

To address a wide audience and likely to share your publications, Facebook is the preferred channel. According to, 59% of the total number of Facebook users are between 18 and 34 and actively use their accounts

Members of this qualified audience are sensitive to celebrity speech, which they follow according to their own demographic and geographic characteristics.

The influencers you choose to call for product placement on Facebook can easily identify you on their final product, whether it's a photo or a video, thus redirecting their audience to your page.

A Facebook product placement is therefore especially effective to specifically target your target.


The advantage: The large community of users

The disadvantage: The lower commitment than on other networks


Product Placement and Twitter Influencers


Have you thought about partnering with a celebrity or Twitter influencer?

Twitter attracts a population mostly aged 18 to 40, interested in news and sensitive to information and communication technologies.

It is a network on which users do not hesitate to discuss. The tweet is ephemeral, unlike content on Facebook or Instagram. This is why the number of tweets on topics and trendy publications can rise very quickly and therefore, their visibility in the feed is ephemeral.

To ensure that it gains notoriety among a young and connected audience, Twitter is the most effective channel: according to Omnicore, its users are less than forty years old for 85% of them and follow the news of new technologies in everyday life. 

As more than two-thirds of these people visit the site via their smartphone, a product placement on Twitter through an influencer allows you to contact them in a direct and personalized way.

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