What is an Automated Influencer Marketing Software (AIMS)?

What is an Automated Influencer Marketing Software?


The main idea behind automated influencer marketing softwares is that they serve to find influencers for you. Nevertheless, this comes with several risks as well. These softwares are not always the best to rely on, as there is never a certainty that the influencer is actually legit. This is why, if a company heavily relies on automated influencer marketing softwares, the outcome might not correspond to the initial goal.


When selecting automated programs for influencer marketing, one can look for uni-tasker softwares, which are programmed to do one specific activity, or more complex programs that can accomplish multiple tasks. Choosing an automated influencer marketing software depends on your needs and what you’d like to automate. If you already have a team of influencers on board, then you might choose a tool that focuses on optimizing content distribution or an analytics tool that measures web traffic, social shares, and other metrics.


How to find the right influencer marketing automation program?


The most difficult part about finding an influencer marketing automation program lies within the issue of variation in terms of quality. Several automated programs may look like they can offer you a performant influencer search, nevertheless, the reality is that they aren’t much more helpful than a Google search.


When you’re looking for the right automation program, it’s a good idea to first make a checklist with the things you want from the program. Do you need to find influencers and onboard them? Are you looking for a way to streamline the workflow process? Do you need help with everything?


It is recommended to try a program before you purchase it, as you do not want to invest in something that will not fulfil your requirements. When trying out the program, make some research about the company that produces it and the type of support it provides in case you face some problems.

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