How to incorporate A.I. into Social Media Marketing?

It is expected that by the end of 2018, 2.5 billion users will have at least one social media channel.  Many social media platforms are utilizing AI and marketeers should start using this to their advantage. There is no surprise that as technology improves so does the range of tools, especially when it comes to social media.
Here are some ways on how Artificial intelligence can be used for social media:


Competitor Analysis


In the areas of strategic planning tracking and analyzing competitors is one of the areas that A.I is used. It has the ability to simultaneously analyze massive data sets. This gives marketeers the advantage to see how they can integrate the best strategies and techniques.
This can be done with tools that can incorporate social listening with software such as Netbase. Or improve impact performance sich as color , visuals, objects and content type. Platforms such as  Crimson Hexagon, and Simply Measured can achieve this.



Saving time on strategic planning and reporting is key with AI. This allows for marketers to focus more on creating high quality content. When it come to writing movies, there is certain content that can be completely automated.


Automated Content

Chatbots and virtual assistants are the most common automated content creators. Ecommerce sites use these such as Facebook messaging use this. Some examples are :


Weather bot: Get the weather when you ask
News bot: Find out when interesting things happen
Scheduling bot: Scheduling meetings, reschedule meetings, add participants, whatever you need to keep your calendar up to date. 


As a Marketer there is always the debate as to how often should one post on social media. Scheduling tools such as Marketo, Marketing.AI, and of course Cortex all have specialized tools automatically generate a posting calendar based on audience and industry data. 


Future of Artificial Intelligence

Networking giants such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter have begun to use Artificial Intelligence to enhance their deep learning capabilities.


Facebook uses artificial intelligence to automatically flag posts that show signs of suicidal thoughts. This allows for them to send this user twice as more suicidal prevention material. This will be also done in different languages.


LinkedIn uses Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence for most of its products. It can do this by highlighting candidates who are most likely to respond to new opportunities. It has also adapted its job matching algorithms and therefore leads users to 2 million more job applications.

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