How to incorporate A.I. into products?

In today’s world A.I can be incorporated in almost every technology product there is. There is also many software that are being created specifically to make one’s life easier by doing most of the thinking and work. Below you will find three different ways A.I is incorporated into products.

1.            Virtual Chef
Chef Watson’s artificial intelligence is a virtual chef that is by your side every time you cook. This type of Chef is so special because with artificial intelligence, it can help you create a recipe with the ingredients that you already have in your pantry. Alongside creating a recipe, it also provides you with different options and it also gives you instructions on how to prepare the meal.
2.            Photographs That Become Purchases
With many online stores on social media these days, sometimes we see something we may like, but we do not know how to find it. Most times we may take a picture or screenshot of it hoping to find it one day, or we have to go on an extensive search to find the product.
Amazon had begun to incorporate a visual search option on its mobile application. This means that you can just take a picture of the product you want, and it will direct you to the product online or something online.
With this A.I application is not bridges the gap between seeing a product and buying it without any hassle.
3.   News summarization
Brain.SG is a news platform in Singapore that summarizes the news and then places it on their website. This allows for people who do not have the time to read the entire article to just read the highlights of the story. This is a great step in the Artificial intelligence sector. For example, A.I allows for the decrease in redundant information and maximizing the relevancy of the summery.  It also focuses on text extraction, language detection and word boundary.
Salesforce has developed an algorithm that uses several machine learning tricks to produce coherent and accurate snippets. So far it is not perfectly researched, it gives a clear picture as to how summarizing text could eventually become automated. Summarizing text will require genuine human intelligence and common sense, which is difficult to implement in a machine.

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