How to use A.I. in Delivery?

Artificial Intelligence in Delivery


In today’s world, consumers have high expectations when it comes to real-time delivery of goods and services. Nowadays, companies have a lot more insight on consumer behaviors. With the use of advanced technology, companies can now use machine learning to keep up with traffic, weather, time and consumer desires all at once. This is bridging a gap between traditional delivery immediate delivery.


AI based drones

The company Dorado has begun using Artificial Intelligence to tackle issues in the food industry. They have AI based drones that are aimed at delivering food from any restaurant to any location.


Domino’s Robotic Unit

Domino’s has created a prototype delivery robot that maintains the appropriate temperature for food and drinks.  This robot has the ability to determine the best travel path. This robot has been used in various countries such as, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France, Belgium, but it has yet to be introduced on a commercial scale.

Photo credit : Dominos Australia

Optimal Delivery Experience -Budbee

Budbee is an AI delivery system that is rapidly growing in Sweden. It is currently delivering for stores such has H&M, Lindex and Apotea, with plans to expand to other European markets. There is a growing same - day delivery trend, however one of the main issues that consumers face is not knowing exactly what time their packages arrive.
This is how Budbee comes in and solve the problem by giving customers real-time delivery ETAs. Budbee calculates this by calculating the number of stops taken on the route.  Therefore, every stop the delivery guy makes the customer is informed by SMS and the time is adjusted.

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