How to use A.I. in Search?

Currently, only a few organizations are using AI technology to enhance their search engine rankings. AI is mostly used by the digital marketing department where they collect data on ads targeting in order to streamline campaigns and evaluate emotional values on the company’s targeted market. It is believed that AI has the ability to enhance the future of SEO beyond the use of simple keyword phrases.
AI technology in search is differentiated into three categories, Artificial Narrow Intelligence(ANI), Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI). ANI is used for unique and specific tasks and AGI is used for achieving humanlike facts. Lastly, ASI is the name given when an AI has reached a capacity beyond acquiring the abilities of human intelligence.


ANI is used to conduct different online activities such as emailing client’s junk mail filters and Google translate. Rank Brain has recently been the new addition to machine learning AI systems. When it comes to SEO, ANI is capable to highlight the best and most related methods for websites.
Below are three ways in which AI can be used in search:

1.Identify blogs and influencers

In order to get influencers to hit your target market, text-processing analytics can be used. This can be Watson Analytics, which is used to search for a company’s terms in the context of natural language. This type of software can help broaden a company’s net for more link-building opportunities.
Things to look at include:
·     comments and social shares on posts: Do the posts get a lot of engagement?
·     last publish time and frequency: Are they actively publishing new content?
·     user experience and design: Is the design up-to-date and easy to use?
·     social platform: Do they have a large social media following on the platforms that are used by your industry? This can be beneficial when they share your content or content that has a link to your website.
·     reputation: Sometimes, individual influencers or blogs might have a strong opinion about hot topics that you might not want to get involved with (like politics or religion). Make sure you know your targets and their voices before reaching out to them.

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2. More auction transparency.

Google AdWords is a blind auction, due to this AI and machine learning has the potential to illuminate AdWords, therefore shedding light on competitors’ behavior. It does by continuously tracking and capturing paid and organic search data through good without access through AdWords. This in turn provides information on the competitors preferred keywords and phrases. After which, machine learning can interpret findings to predict budgets and buying strategies, just to name a few.

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