What do consumers think of it?

To what extent is the Dutch consumer prepared to let the purchasing process take place via conversational commerce?


This question is difficult to answer unequivocally: it may ultimately involve only a few steps within the total omnichannel customer journey. Are we talking about voice or chat, and in a conversation with a chat bot or with an actual employee? In order to develop a feeling about it, a research was performed (in collaboration with GfK) among 5000 consumers regarding chat as an interaction form and regarding the consumers’ willingness to buy via chat bots.




About 15% of the consumers surveyed said they wanted to use chat applications for contacting a company. This is 10% more than the score of retailer-specific apps. It is noteworthy that the willingness is greater when one is younger, higher educated or has a larger household / family. Of this 15%, 72% indicated to be open to use chat for making purchases.


In terms of products, clothing, electronics and tickets are best-suited for conversational commerce according to the survey, comparable to the suitability for online shopping in a general sense. Food and home & garden score the lowest when it comes to suitability. Of the people who are open to chat as a means of communication, almost 35% say they want to buy clothes in this way, for electronics this is around 34%,

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