Introduction to Conversational Commerce

Chris Messina, the ‘inventor’ of the hashtag # in tweets, ex-Uber and ex-Google employee, was the first to use the term ‘conversational commerce’ in 2015:


Buying products through a 1:1 conversation with a company whilst using messaging, chat or voice technology; while the company communicates with the customer through either a real employee, a smart chat bot or in a combination of those two options.


He immediately promised a bright future. Partly due to the rise of voice systems such as Amazon Echo and Alexa, Google Home and Apple’s Siri, the attention for this way of communicating with companies has grown.


Will conversational commerce bring back the personal and human dialogue in e-commerce, there where webshops currently miss opportunities? Will artificial intelligence really enable automation of these conversations? And what will these conversations look like? Our curiosity has been aroused.


Because of this reason, the expert group conversational commerce has been looking for answers to the following questions:


  • What is conversational commerce?
  • Is conversational commerce a hype or will it stick and which examples are already available?
  • What do consumers think of it?
  • What are the opportunities and threats?
  • How do you shape the customer journey and what are the effects on customer experience?
  • How do you equip your organization and systems to deal with conversational commerce?
  • What are practical tips?
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