What additional delivery services are available?

Additional delivery services


Most logistics companies offer a wide range of additional services for your shipments. We will address some of these opportunities here.


Delivery in weekends


More opportunities are offered now to deliver packages, for example on Saturdays. Sometimes a small fee per shipment is charged. You simply select 'Saturday delivery' and the package is picked up on Friday and delivered to the customer the next day.


Cash on delivery


For shipments to destinations within a certain area, it is possible that ‘Cash on delivery’ (COD) is offered. This means your logistic company will take care of the payment of your goods at the delivery. It is also called ‘collect on delivery’. The logistics partner gives you the assurance that your invoice is actually paid. Most of the times, you pay a fixed fee and a percentage of the amount that needs to be collected for this extra service. It is possible the delivery man is restricted to collect cash to a certain amount, for example up to € 1500,-. Higher amounts need to be paid by the recipient before the shipment. The COD money collected by your logistics partner, will be compensated on your invoice.


Pick-up points


With a growing online market, customers demand pick-up points at a specified terminal of their choosing. With a valid ID and signature they can pick up their shipment at any convenient time. Large pick-up points in the US are located nearby big cities and offer a convenient way for customers to collect their online orders without leaving the comfort of their vehicles. This is a good option for people who are rarely at home during the day.


Additional insurance


Your shipments are insured in accordance with the laws that apply. For example the General Transport Conditions 2002 (within the Netherlands) or CMR (for international transport). Of course you can choose an additional insurance for your shipments. For this, an extra fee is charged, mostly also based on the value per shipment. You can also decide to ensure an additional insurance for all of your shipments.


Easy Labelling


If you need labels for your returns and pick-ups, your logistic partner can also print the labels for you. The driver takes the label with him, and then puts it on the specific package. It is very important that both the recipient's and your own address is clearly marked on the address label.

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