Changes in the logistics: what's in and what's out?

The world of logistics has greatly evolved over the past few years. New trends have emerged whilst others have evolved. One new trend that has been identified and captured on our radar is 'batch size one' which follows the megatrend of hyper-customization. In future, manufacturing and Retail strategies will change to adapt to increasing consumer demand for product personalization. This will require agile supply chains ready to adapt to changes in time and place of batch size one production. Early movers can leverage this trend to their competitive advantage by providing, for example, new postponement and delivery services.

At the same time, some trends like crypto-currencies and crypto-payment have fallen off the radar as new insights and developments have reduced their relevance and potential in logistics. Several others have matured and have become the ‘new normal’, no longer qualifying as true trends. Finally, some trends that still contain high relevance for logistics like localization & local intelligence have been phased-out as a singular trend and instead will be monitored on a broader context through overarching trends such as the Internet of Things.

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