Tips: Writing For Your Audience

We have different categories of target audience on Ecommerce Wiki, 3 in total:
C-levels who are looking for strategic advice based on cases and benchmark figures.
Young professionals who are looking for how to operationalize it.
Universities, teachers and students who are looking for the basics, definitions and explanations.


Each level of expertise corresponds to a key question:

  1. 'Why?' is for C-levels who will search for the reasons behind the facts.
  2. 'How' is for professionals, who are looking for concrete solutions to implement.
  3. 'What?' is for academics, who are looking for definitions and facts.

Adopt the Inverted Pyramid style.

This is a journalism writing method which involves starting with your conclusion and most important information, in order to finish with the least important information when writing for the Internet. Writing in this style has many benefits:

  • Readers quickly know whether they need to read your entire contribution or not.
    They can stop reading at any point, but they still get something out of your contribution.
  • If you start with your conclusion, the main keywords will be at the top of your page, which is SEO-friendly.

By using this technique in each paragraph, you will enable your readers to glance through the first sentences of every paragraph to get a fast overview of your entire article.