Why do consumers fall for scams?

Why do consumers fall for scams?

As the scam season is approaching, we surveyed 5.200 consumers from 42 countries in order to better understand who is being scammed and why.


The report is split into 5 main chapters

  • About the study and its participants
  • Scams in numbers
  • Who gets scammed?
  • Why do we get scammed?
  • The impact of scams

Did you know?


  • Amongst others, consumers only report 7% of all online frauds
  • Consumers receive approximately 55 scams attempts a year
  • Super confident but 73% fall for scams
  • The most occurring scams are phishing & unexpected winnings
  • The number of scam approaches has remained stable
  • Men are more prone to lose money than women
  • Consumer protection agencies should take the lead in fighting scams study shows
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Authors: Jimmy Hadj-Rabah

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Document type: Research Study

Publication date: 17-10-2019

Number of pages: 50


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