Ecommerce Report: Belgium 2019

Ecommerce Report: Belgium 2019

Ecommerce Report: Belgium 2019 (free) provides a brief overview of the state of ecommerce in Belgium. This report has been published by the Ecommerce Foundation with hand-selected data that will help both domestic and international retailers evaluate their potential for success in the Belgian ecommerce market. Moreover, Belgium is a small country with a strong logistical infrastructure, and its economy is healthy and growing. Ecommerce, both nationally and cross-border, is on the rise.


Topics and Scope
The report is split into 6 main chapters


  • Belgium Overview
  • Infrastructure and Logistics
  • Ecommerce Landscape
  • Case Study: Multilingual Webshops
  • Expert Opinions & Advice
  • About the Report

Did you know?


  • Belgian GDP is expected to increase in 2019
  • Belgium ranks 3 in Logistics Performance
  • 23% of online buyers in Belgium are between 50 and 64 years old
  • Belgium ranks 25th in the Internet Inclusivity Index
  • B2C ecommerce turnover in Belgium is expected to reach just under 14 billion euros in 2019
  • Most consumers said they spent more than €150 on online shopping in past month
  • dominates the online market in Belgium
  • Home delivery is the most popular preference amongst Belgian consumers
  • Belgian consumers mostly buy from the Nethelands, followed by China

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Authors: Sara Lone

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Document type: Research Study

Publication date: 02-04-2019

Number of pages: 37


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