Online payments in business-to-business e-commerce

What's your B2B payment strategy?

Everything you need to know about the payment process in B2B eCommerce process


Including: experts insights from PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, AfterPay and more.


How do businesses prefer to pay?  That’s a question B2B parties often struggle with. Which payment methods should your business offer? Do Dutch businesses actually pay with iDEAL? Well, they mostly don’t, but sometimes they do. In B2B, payments are usually made by bank transfer or credit card. Or by using a business PayPal account that is often linked to a business credit card.


Currently there are over 40 payment methods. So which particular B2B payment method suits your business most? Here’s what the experts think..

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Authors: Jolien Huizinga

Document type: White Paper

Publication date: 01-11-2018

Number of pages: 12

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