What is the future of ecommerce?

The Future of E-commerce: The Road to 2026

The world of retail is undergoing an unprecedented wave of innovation. Technology, of course, plays a major role, but it is not the only force at work. New business models are appearing that will have a profound influence across the e-commerce and wider retail value chain. At the same time, consumer behaviors and expectations are evolving.

In this report, the aim is to identify and examine those trends that will shape the retail landscape over the next five to 10 years. For example, what technologies will have a transformative influence, and what technologies are just hype? How will the e-commerce value chain evolve, and what impact will this have on online and physical retail?


Source: Eden Zoller (2017) -  

Document type: Analyst Report

Publication date: 23-10-2018

Number of pages: 22

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