Ecommerce and Trust

Cross-border ecommerce: How trustmarks can bridge the gap

The rise of ecommerce is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. The total transaction value of ecommerce worldwide is estimated to be $2,873,774 million in 2018. This is matched by an impressive number of online shoppers, 2,721 million estimated users in fact. This is almost 40% of the population worldwide. The US and China represent the biggest markets globally (when it comes to their online spending) whilst countries such as Argentina, India and Japan have an impressively high growth rate.


However, trust remain one of the main barriers to the growth of ecommerce. This paper dives into the different drivers and barriers for consumers to buy online, and also goes through the possible solutions to increase consumer trust in a fastly growing ecommerce environment. 

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Publication date: 01-01-2018

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