Latin America Ecommerce Report 2018

LATAM Ecommerce Report 2018

The Latin American Ecommerce report delves into the details of the B2C ecommerce market throughout Latin America. The report, published by by Ecommerce Foundation, includes marketplace data, recent developments enhancing ecommerce endeavors, and an in-depth view at the ecommerce landscape of 10+ Latin American countries. 


Topics & Scope 


  • Introduction: Sweden
  • Ecommerce Facts & Figures
  • Country Profiles
  • LATAM Ecommerce Experts
  • About the Report



Did you know? 


  • Latin America's population continues to increase 
  • Brazil boasts the largest population of Latin America 
  • Chile is leading in logistics and internet inclusivity 
  • Internet penetration is increasing, with Argentina in the lead 
  • B2C ecommerce turnover continues to rise in LATAM
  • The Dominican Republic has the highest E-GDP in LATAM
  • Mercado Libre/Livre is the leading marketplace in LATAM
  • Uruguay has the most active population on social medias 


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