eBook Keller's brand equity model

Keller's brand equity model

Do you know what makes a brand strong? And if you had to make yours stronger, would you know how to do it?


Keller’s Brand equity model is also known as the CBBE model which stands for Customer based brand equity. As Marketing evolved, the customer became the main focus of the company. Companies knew that if they keep their customers happy, they will profit. But how do these companies make a connection with their customers? It is by building a strong brand.



The CBBE model or the Brand equity pyramid is actually a pyramid which tells us how to build brand equity by understanding your customers and implementing strategies accordingly. If there is a connection between the brand and the consumer, it results in positive brand equity & has a better chance of acquiring and sustaining customers, thereby giving a huge advantage to the companies and products which are considered as “brands”.


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Publication date: 10-10-2016

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