Using paid, owned and earned media to build social campaigns

How using paid, owned and earned media

The POEM model

In this paper we’ll explore how to plan, execute and measure the results of your paid, earned and owned media efforts, or POEM. We’ll explore ways to use paid, owned and earned media across all media channels to grow audiences and build engagement.


We’ll cover general frameworks, how to build a team, how to collaborate between team players, tips for putting together an integrated marketing plan and how to report on and review your results. We also include a case study that shows how major U.S. retailer J. Crew has used paid, owned and earned media successfully across multiple social media channels.



In this eBook

Defining POEM

 Paid media

 Earned media

 Owned media

Applying POEM to social media

CASE: J. Crew




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Authors: Docent Ecommerce

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Publication date: 10-10-2017

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