McKinsey - Customer experience, new capabilities, new audiences, new opportunities

Customer experience, new capabilities, new audiences, new opportunities

Across sectors and regions, business leaders are recognizing the competitive advantage of superior customer experience and the value that resides not only in what a company delivers for its customers, but in how it delivers products and services. Where companies once could differentiate themselves by product or efficiency, distinctiveness today increasingly lies in creating a seamless, omnichannel customer experience.


The focus on customer experience is also opening up entirely new audiences. “Finding the right digital balance in B2B customer experience” elaborates on the need for a thoughtful and precise strategy in bringing the power of digital technology to complex B2B relationships. “When the customer experience starts at home” explores the power of applying customer-centric thinking to dealings within an organization. When internal services and departments like IT or HR also start to act as creators of superior customer experiences for their users, they enable companies to create exceptional experiences with external customers. In “Improving the customer experience to achieve government agency goals,” our experts examine why applying customer-centric thinking in government can help the budget-constrained public sector better meet its mission goals.


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The CEO guide to customer experience

Companies that create exceptional customer experiences can set themselves apart from their competitors. 

The expanding role of design in creating an end-to-end customer experience

Lines between products, services, and user environments are blurring. The ability to craft an integrated customer experience will open enormous opportunities to build new businesses.

Mastering the digital advantage in transforming customer experience

Digital services and operations are raising the competitive bar in every sector. To capture the opportunity, incumbents should embrace a new operating model that dramatically improves the digital customer experience.

The growth engine:

Superior customer experience in insurance The value of great customer service applies as much to insurance as to any other customer-facing business—and so does the way the consequences of subpar service are amplified by social media. Insurers that want to compete on more than price must focus more on providing great customer experience.

An insurer’s journey to better customer experience:

A conversation with Allianz’s Firuzan Iscan The customer-experience leader at Allianz describes how the German insurer is learning to view customer journeys from an outside-in perspective.

When the customer experience starts at home

To serve end customers better, begin with your employees. 

How good is your company’s internal customer experience?

To excel with customers, frontline employees need high-level service from core support functions. Société Générale’s group head of corporate resources and innovation explains how to achieve such symmetry.

Finding the right digital balance in B2B customer experience

Growing numbers of B2B companies are focusing on digitization to succeed with customer-centric strategies. Here’s how to get it right.

CASE: Lifting customer experience at an elevator company

Pierre Liautaud, executive vice president at Finnish elevator maker KONE, describes the critical role of frontline teams in navigating complex B2B customer-experience relationships.

Four ways to shape customerexperience measurement for impact

Too many companies are themselves unhappy customers when it comes to building measurement systems. But there are ways to make better investments.

Improving the customer experience to achieve government-agency goals

The benefits of a customer-centric strategy aren’t limited to privatesector businesses. Government agencies at every level can gain by putting the needs and wants of citizens first.

CASE: How customer experience takes flight at the Orlando airport

Is it possible to have a good customer experience in an airport? Domingo Sanchez, a board member of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, explains an effort by the Authority’s CEO and board to do just that.

Avoiding the seven deadly sins of customer-experience transformations

Efforts to improve the customer experience can deliver tremendous value, but temptations that can undo good intentions lurk in any change program. Resist seven common missteps.



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